Know this before moving interstate to Adelaide

Making the choice to move to Adelaide is not a decision you can make lightly. Whether it’s for a dream job, or a job that you expect to be financially rewarding, a partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with or simply because you have fallen madly in love with the city and the people.? No matter what the reason is, anyone who has entertained the idea of moving to Adelaide will encounter the extremely difficult choice. A choice that you should take the time to really think about why and how it can potentially impact your life and the people around you because ultimately it is a choice that will be forever life changing.

Adelaide however, is Australia’s most affordable major city with cheap houses very close to the central business district. Adelaide is known for the wide roads which makes it convenient for all car owners as there is an abundance of parking space on the street. It also offers an excellent variety of food and restaurants for foodies to dine out which are relatively inexpensive. Adelaide provides a good public transport system and easy flow traffic conditions throughout the day. For people who love dogs or enjoy the greenery. Adelaide has many national parks around the city and is home to the world-famous Barossa valley which is less than 59 kms away. People who make the move to Adelaide also love the Mediterranean like weather.

To help you with your transition to Adelaide, we have gathered some valuable resources that you need to know before making that interstate migration.

Vehicle Registration

If you own a motor vehicle, you are allowed to drive your vehicle in and around South Australia as a visitor using your current interstate registration. However, if you plan to become a permanent resident in South Australia. You will need to apply for a license and register your vehicle in South Australia within 3 month of becoming a permanent resident.


If you have a bank account, you will most likely not need to change anything apart from your residential address. But be sure to let your bank know that you are moving, otherwise they will start wondering why you are making all these transaction purchase from Adelaide all of a sudden and attempt to block your card. If you fail to do so it can be more of a hassle for you to sort this out with your bank while you are trying to move and discover that you don’t have access to funds.

Healthcare and Private Health

Moving to Adelaide, you will still be covered for Medicare as it is a nationwide scheme. Remember to keep your Medicare card and notify them of any changes in your address. If you have private health insurance. Most policies will allow you to make changes once you have logged into your online account.? Also, a visit to a local general practitioner to get you registered would be a wise thing to do as well. Just so that you don’t have to mess around with documents of paper work for the time when you do fall ill.


The last thing is your accommodation, be sure to arrange with your interstate removalists in Adelaide of an estimated time of arrival. So that you can be at your property to intercept the delivery. This most often is the most stressful part because all of your belongings are in the capable hands of your interstate removalist and without your belongings you cannot even begin to relax and settle yourself into your new city and new home. With proper communication and a great removal company you can be sure that your belongings will arrive safe. In any scenario, be extra sure that your belongings are safely insured just in case the misfortunate happens you can get on with your life without causing any financial stress.

Choosing a great moving company to relocate you is just as important. There is always a removalist that will fit your budget but, in some cases, it is worth spending a little extra to get a removalist that adheres to your needs. Always communicate and ask questions and be crystal clear before opting into any contracts. By knowing all this, we hope you find your move to the Mediterranean city an enjoyable one.

Australian Cities in the Top Five Most Liveable Cities

Melbourne has set a new record as it was named the most liveable city in the world for the seventh time in a row.? The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index ranks cities each year for education, infrastructure, healthcare, culture, environment and stability, and is said to be the world’s most accepted index ranking for cities.

Whilst Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto ranked consecutively, Adelaide ranked fifth most liveable city for the sixth consecutive year, giving Australia two capital cities ranked in the top five most liveable cities.? Adelaide is quickly becoming a major player as one of the top liveable cities assisted by projects such as the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval, focus on bars and laneways and the work put in towards becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city. Given that Adelaide ranked particularly well in categories such as cost of living, health care, cleanliness and not over populated; It can be expected that Adelaide’s ranking will increase over the next few years given the potential to grow, in addition Adelaide remains to be the most affordable capital city in Australia.

Melburnians should be proud of what Melbourne has been able to achieve within the last seven years, it is essential to its growth and attracts international investments, businesses, makes tourist want to visit and makes the most creative people want to live in such a wonderful city.? Melbourne has received a perfect score for healthcare for each of the seven years thanks to high quality public and private hospitals, dental services, ambulance and community health services.

In contrast to the EIU lndex, a national poll as part of the Property Council of Australia’s ‘My City: The People’s Verdict ‘ measures the liveability of Australia’s eleven largest cities from the people who live in them.? Australian’s were not satisfied with housing affordability, public transport services and high traffic congestions within major cities,? however ranked well in areas of education and environmental sustainability.? Adelaide was rated the most liveable by Australians who agreed the city has great climate, is less congested and housing remains very affordable whilst Melbourne was in seventh place due to concerns in the increasingly unaffordable housing market where rent in all suburbs is peaking at such a rate it is considered unaffordable for those on low incomes.

No matter where you choose to live in Australia, all five Australian cities included in the EUI liveability index were listed within the top sixteen most liveable cities in the world, this is an amazing feat in which all Australians should be extremely proud of.